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Definitions for Terms of Use and Legal Notices and Privacy Policy

The following definitions apply to the Terms of Use and Legal Notices on this webpage and the policies on the Privacy Policy webpage:

“Content” means pages, text, data, information, documents, presentations, blog and blog posts, glossary and glossary entries, ideas, concepts, know-how, images (including all photographs, icons, graphics, charts, illustrations, vectors, logos, animations, and cartoons), video, audio, podcasts, social media posts or feeds, and other materials available on this Website.

“Organization” means any corporation, company, government or governmental subdivision or agency, association, partnership, sole proprietorship, joint venture, trust, foundation, charity, educational institution, union, cooperative, collaborative, two or more persons having a joint or common interest, or any other legal or commercial entity.

“Social media” means LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and similar platforms and posts on such social media platforms of text, website links, photos, other images, video, audio, documents, data, other information, comments, opinions, and messages, and the sharing of others’ posts. 

“Use” and “Using” mean the act of using, visiting, viewing, or reading this Website or any portion thereof, including any Content, by any individual or organization for any purpose, including provision of contact details. 

“Website” means this website located on the Internet at https://www.kippiper.com, including, without limitation, the Website’s:

  1. Content;
  2. Design, including structure, navigation, layouts, aesthetics, content elements, section blocks, widgets, sliders, and image or text transitions;
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