Health Care Cartoons:

For your amusement, here are some health care cartoons – on Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare, hospitals, and physicians.  Please view them in spirit they are intended!

The cartoons are a collaboration of Beach, a highly talented illustrator, and Kip Piper, who commissioned them and provided the concepts and captions.  All of the cartoons here are copyrighted, so permission is necessary to use or change them.  To request permission, please contact Kip.

Obamacare Cartoons:

ACA Complexity Cartoon - Kip PiperHow the ACA Works - Kip PiperObamacare Projections Cartoon - Kip Piper

Medicaid Cartoons:

Medicaid Director Cartoon - Kip Piper 

Medicaid Agency Cartoon - Kip Piper

Medicare Cartoons:


Physician and Formulary - Kip PiperMedicare Part D Questions - Kip PiperMedicare Handbook Cartoon - Kip Piper

Physician and Hospital Cartoons:

Health Purchasing  Cartoon - Kip PiperHospital Quality Cartoon - Kip PiperDoctor with Lawyer Cartoon - Kip PiperMedical Student Lecture - Kip PiperLawyer at Hospital Bedside Cartoon - Kip PiperPatient with Lawyer at Doctor Office - Kip PiperMedical Paperwork Cartoon - Kip PiperScoring Physician Cartoon - Kip PiperHospital Patient Safety Cartoon - Kip PiperImpaled Patient Asks for Second Opinion – Kip PiperAmbulance Cartoon - Kip Piper

Copyright (c) 2014 by Kip Piper. All rights reserved.