Kip Piper writes often on health business and policy issues in health reform, Medicaid, and Medicaid.  This includes peer-reviewed journal articles, commentaries, and commissioned analyses.

Recent Published Journal Articles by Kip Piper:

Kip Piper is author of numerous journal articles on health business, policy, and finance issues.  Recent examples include:

The Affordable Care Act Conundrum: Facing Reality in America’s Giant Social Experiment
American Health & Drug Benefits, December 2013

Implications of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) for consumers, health insurers, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. Meltdown of current individual health insurance market. Implications for Medicaid. Lessons from failed implementation of ACA health insurance exchanges and new regulatory framework. Commentary by Kip Piper.

Implications of the Employer Mandate Delay on the Healthcare Marketplace
American Health & Drug Benefits, August 2013

Commentary on the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration’s decision to delay the enforcement of the ACA employer coverage and reporting requirements until CY 2015, and implications of the delay for Health Insurance Exchanges, state Medicaid programs, employers, and health plans.  Commentary by Kip Piper and Randy Vogenberg, PhD, RPh

The Opportunity for Health Plans to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs by Embracing Primary Care Medical Homes
American Health & Drug Benefits, February 2013

Journal article examines health plan use of patient-centered, primary care medical homes. Recommends six steps health plans may use to take advantage of the opportunity to embrace medical homes as a means to improve healthcare quality and to reduce costs.  Coauthored by Kip Piper with Gary Owens, MD and Sarah Collins

Accountable Care Organizations and Medicare Shared Savings Program
American Health & Drug Benefits, August 2010

Primer on the Medicare Shared Savings Program and Accountable Care Organization option created under the Affordable Care Act.

Accountable Care Organizations: Interview with Mark B. McClellan, MD, PhD.
American Health & Drug Benefits, August 2010

Kip Piper interviews Mark B. McClellan, MD, PhD, former administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), about Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

The Health Reform Law: Key Changes to Be Implemented in 2010
American Health & Drug Benefits, June 2010

An overview of the key changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance regulation in 2010 under the federal health reform law (Affordable Care Act).

Federal Drug Price Controls in Medicaid: Expansion of Mandated Rebates under Health Reform Law.
American Health & Drug Benefits, June 2010

Primer on expansion of the Medicaid prescription drug rebate program, including extension of federal minimum drug rebates to Medicaid health plan utilization and higher minimum rebates.

Wellness-Based Healthcare Policy: Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance
American Health & Drug Benefits, March 2010

Discussion of opportunities and obstacles in supporting prevention and wellness in Medicare, Medicaid, and private health plans, including recommendations.

Global Payments to Improve Quality and Efficiency in Medicaid
Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute, November 2009

Report on physician and hospital payment reforms based on global fees, with implications for improving quality of care and cost efficiency in Medicaid.  Report coauthored with Mark Heit.

Health Care Reform and Opportunities for Stroke Prevention and Management
American Health & Drug Benefits, November 2009

Implications of national health reform to improve the prevention and management of stroke, including challenges and opportunities.

New Government Policies: Opportunities for Supporting Drug Research and Development
American Health & Drug Benefits, July 2009

Opportunities for federal health policies to support medical innovation, particularly the research and development of new pharmaceutical drugs and biologics.